Born in, Taste from, Esashi HOKKAIDO.

The Sea of Okhotsk brings forth drift ice full of nutrients. River water, rich with minerals, flows from the land to the sea. Young scallops are released into the ocean and farmed for four years. By planting trees, we also contribute to the growth of mother forests. Creative thinking helps to envision revitalizing our natural environment from a greater perspective that is different from farming. At Esashi Fishery Cooperative, "aquaculture" means truly "nurturing" and "raising" fish. Horsehair crabs and scallops we grow in Esashi, which reach their peak season in spring, are also of the highest quality in seafood haven Hokkaido. Fresh, robust, sweet, and succulent. We strive to convey to chefs and consumers around the world how precious Japan's Sea of Okhotsk is through our exquisite products.